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>#200* and this year’s Top Ten

14 Dec


This marks my 200th post on this blog*.  I thought it would be fitting space to do my yearly Top Ten posts from this past year.  This blog only began in April of this year, and I don’t feel like digging through Redhead Dancing for earlier posts, so these will be from then on.  It still sums it all up nicely, though.
4/2/10 – If I promise to miss you, will you go away? : This reads like a summary in and of itself.  Funny how much I didn’t know about what was to come at this point.  This was only the beginning.
5/28/10 – In the Middle : The origin of the original (and sometimes reappearing) name of this blog.
6/14/10 – One of those now… :  The first post after finding out I was HIV+, written while I was still in the hospital.
7/20/10 – I am Sofa King tired :  A month of living with “full blown AIDS.”
8/16/10 – Conversations in Rabbitland : A conversation between Lynne and I after the now infamous Q&A fiasco about my being damned by having HIV and reaping what I had sown.
10/20/10 – Purple Reigns : My observations and opinions on the rash of bullying and suicides that were transpiring this year.  Don’t miss the comments on this one, they’re almost as good as the post itself.
10/27/10 – The Circus is Coming to Town… Slowly. : Update from the latest doctor visit and health situation.
12/10/10 – Looking Back : The year in review via Facebook.
What a hell of a year.  It’s been difficult to try to narrow it down to just ten posts.  I think this covers it though.  It’s been a Journey, that’s for damned sure.  If only I had know how much of one when I named this blog…
Will be interesting to see what the coming year brings.

[*note: 200 just on The Journey – if you combine it with Redhead Dancing where it reads like one big story into this one, it’s more like 586, but that’s not nearly as interesting… But it IS in fact the 200th post on this particular platform, so technically you don’t have to call me out on it!!!]