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Sound off!

25 May

I am working on a new batch of cards for Lagniappe, but before I throw my creative block through the window, I thought I would open up the conversation to you. As suggested, I had left the first batch of cards pretty simple (and generic) so that people could utilize them for whatever they’d like.

For this go round, I think I would like to try something a little different… A little more specific.

My query to you is, were you to purchase any of the cards, what type of cards would you be looking to buy? I.e. would you like to see cards along the lines of “Thinking of You…” or birthday greetings – sympathy – encouragement? Should they be specific to certain events, or just stand alone “art pieces” as the first lot has been.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. I am eager to hear your thoughts and suggestions. Commenting should be open to where all you need is your name and an email address (don’t worry, your email will not be published on the blog).

Looking forward to hearing from you!