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We all bear the scars…

17 Aug

A comment on an earlier post reminded me of this song.  I’d not heard it in a while, and it’s one of those songs that always just seems to fit somehow, no matter when I hear it or under what circumstances.  Enjoy.

In the End

We all bear the scars.
Yes, we all feign a laugh.
We all cry in the dark;
get cut off before we start.

And as the first act begins,
you realise they’re all waiting
for a fall, for a flaw,
for the end.

There’s a path stained with tears.
Could you talk to quiet my fears?
Could you pull me aside,
just to acknowledge that I’ve tried?

And as your last breath begins,
contently take it in,
’cause we all get it in
the end.

And as your last breath begins,
you find your demon’s your best friend.
And we all get it in
the end…