Still Kicking (and Screaming)

16 Aug

I’ve received several emails wondering where I’ve gone off to and if everything is okay. I guess I have been quieter than usual without realizing. I am fine. All is as well as it ever is. No medical worries. I’ve not yet been to the doctor so no cause for concern there.

Last week, my identity was thefted to the tune of almost $500. Someone got a hold of my information and began systematically cleaning out my finances. Fortunately, my bank caught it when a charge came through from Germany and sent up a red flag. We shut down everything and froze the account. Got a new card. The whole nine yards. But I am still out the money for now. And when you have no income to speak of other than a once a month disability check, it’s enough to send you over the edge. I’ve ended up stripping my phone down to the bare bones as it seems that the Blackberry (which is what I have) is notorious for identity thefts, so I no longer have email or blogs or Facebook – or anything other than the number at this point – on the phone. I am not certain they nabbed me via the phone, but I am so paranoid about everything at this point, I’d rather be safe – and out of touch – than sorry.  That’s why a lot of emails have gone unanswered. It no longer shouts at me when you give me a shout and I forget to check…

But anyway, as you can see from my rambling, everything is its usual normal. Aside from Layne moving halfway across the country and the nightmare of myself being stolen all in the same week, I’ve not had much blog worthy to throw out there.

Prints are still available here (most everything on that site is available as a print) – if you find something you like, just give me a shout as to what size and we’ll work something out.

Until then…

2 Responses to “Still Kicking (and Screaming)”

  1. lolamouse August 17, 2012 at 3:47 pm #

    That really sucks. Someone got our CC info a while back. We had charges from China. Luckily, I caught it before it got very large and canceled the card.

    • Mynx August 18, 2012 at 6:58 am #

      Just so unfair that such an awful thing has to happen to you

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