Can’t never could.

16 Mar

I’ve been hiding out…  Digging.  Searching.  Unplugging.  I have barely checked emails in a couple of weeks.  I’ve my phone set to silent.  I’ve only really actually conversed with only my brother and sister.  My reader, I am sure, is about to explode because I just can’t bring myself to open it.  The computer has actually been turned off.  It’s a wonder it didn’t die of complete and utter shock.  I don’t really know where I am at right now.  Somewhere between here and there and nowhere in between – and I just haven’t the gumption to sort it out enough to find any other way.  It is not really a reflection on anyone in my life, in particular.  I think, more succinctly, it’s just reflecting.  And I find it difficult to see into the looking glass with myriad of other faces in the way.  It’s hard to hear the message in a cacophony voices.  I have plenty of my own.

So, I will be back one of these days.  Just not today.  I am, in my own way, enjoying the silence of screaming at the make-believe for a while.