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Worth sharing.

28 Jan

Please do the same.

Via Unadorned Press’ Voices Against Violence:

Dear Poet,

We are putting together a project to help save lives. A not-for-profit group here in the State of New Hampshire called Voices Against Violence who works with victims of Domestic Violence, providing emergency shelter, 24hr hot-line, support groups, and most importantly work towards the prevention of Domestic Violence by educating the youth. Their attempts to stop the cycle of Domestic Violence costs money. In these troubled times we face as a country there is an unfortunate amount of alcohol and drug abuse, which is on the rise as is the number of victims of misdirected anger. The statistics are staggering and they will not go down without the help of everyone who is capable of compassion. Here is where we come in. Everyone knows poetry speaks to the heart of the human condition. It isn’t always bright and sunny, but, here we can make a real impact in someones life. We are asking for submissions of poetry form you. This anti-violence  chapbook we will put together with all proceeds going to Voices Against Violence. We are asking you to use your words to touch the lives of someone you will never meet, but is in desperate need of your help.


Feel free to message us directly for more details.

Please submit to;

please include; “Voices Against Violence” in the subject line

Submission deadline for this first project is Feb. 11, 2011


Thank You.

Spread The Love, Spread The Word!