Another Year

1 Dec

Today, as you know is World AIDS Day.  It’s a roller coaster of a day for me.  And while I have little, tangible, rallying support in my real world, to come on line and see all the emails and photos of “Hey, I’m wearing Red today!” and “I’ve got my ribbon on!!!” and numerous blog posts and messages and tributes from all of you, really makes it easier.  It makes me want to keep going.

It’s been a hard year since last December.  Meds and side effects and multiple hospital visits and just battling – to live; to make it another year; to be here, today, for Q&As, and speaking out and being a face and a voice and a Survivor.  I made it.  Another year.  There was a time when it was not expected of me to make it through the week, much less another year.

So rather than mourning lives lost in the battle against AIDS and HIV, I’d rather celebrate lives LIVED with HIV and AIDS.

“To people living with – not dying from – disease!”

And if you’d like to be a part of putting a face to AIDS, join us here, and let me know. I will put a post together with all those who participated.



But more than anything: know your status. Get tested. There are places all over the world today offering free or discounted HIV tests. Knowledge is power. It can says lives. Yours. Your loved ones. Your unloved ones. Silence equals death. Yes. Still. To find a testing facility near you, click here.

Thanks again, all of you. You make it worth the fight.


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  1. Jane December 4, 2011 at 8:18 pm #

    I haven’t been around for a while. Life has been a bit crazy but I’m slowly getting back to the land of the living. I have a new blog home. The Painted House is gone. Come for a visit 🙂

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