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My name is not Susan…

25 Jul

Did you hear the hissy fit foot stompin’ shouting?  That was me.

Three pieces of mail, a couple of blog mentions, and a wad of jackwagonery at the doctors office – and my name is misspelled on all of it.

It’s stupid, I know – but it chaps my ass when people spell my name wrong.

It’s M-I-C-A-E-L.  Not Michael.  No H.  Not Micheal.  The A comes first – just like in the alphabet!  You DO know the alphabet, don’t you? Not Mike.  Not Mikey.  Not Mickey.  Micael.

It’s been Micael for a very long ass time.  Don’t help me spell my name properly asshole phone bitch at Scott & White.  Don’t fix it for me.

You figure that if our illustrious government can spell it right on my taxes and disability and IDs, then every other Tom, Dick, and Mary can figure it out.


Yes, I’m bitchy.  And my name is Micael.

Maybe I should just change it to Fuh Q. Verimuch and be done with it.