Caught a ride with the moon…

8 Jul

I think I got everything moved and situated.  I used to be here at WordPress up until a couple of years ago, but so many people were favoring Blogger because it was easier and pretty pretty princess and all about the followers, so I caved in so as to share the platform.  I have never been one for followers.  I began blogging because I had something to say.  Blogger served me well in the design business no because ridiculousness cost money and people are will to pay for it.  But it really started getting to me after a short while.  It became a creature I grew to hate.  It was all about awards and numbers and stupid ass flashing trashy background.  Blogger has become the MySpace of the field.

So I am back to WordPress – which is what it should be about (for me, at least).  Pressing the words to the page.  Sharing thoughts – not competing with a herd of followers and acting like a damned circus poodle.

We’ll see if this works.  At least the blog itself works.  Which is more by and large than can be said for Blogger lately.  Time will tell.