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He said…

26 Jul

This is a repost I am sure, but I came across these again today.  It’s funny how you write something, think it’s gone, and then meet it again in some dark alley only to realize it feels more applicable now than it did then.


Neverland in Ash

missing the rails
days when i
railed and rallied
ranted and raged
clack clack wandered
the world
living off a salt lick of
and a bottle of Gin
greatness and madness
vomited up
in a Moriartyesque monologue
understood only by
Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters
but my boxcar stopped rolling
my vagabond tribe
of hobos and hookers
disbanded into the real
leaving me immobile
with my oil drum fire
burning up
the pages and rages
of a million stories
never told
a thousand books
never written
and Neverland left
in the ash


beneath Wonderland

i hear the howls
from a distance
they were my own
a rabbit silenced
by deaths
escaping my burrow
i blink blindly
in a landscape
barren and
wondering if
not the darkness
of my den
is the lesser of
true evils

©2011 by Micael Chadwick | All Rights Reserved