Okay, okay… I’m awake.

7 Jun
This is a post from a friend I met last summer while I was still in the hospital for that month.  It was the beginning of one of my most cherished friendships.  She and I have both been through a lot in this year.  I had forgotten how much it meant to me then.  She reposted it today – and it was like a ton of bricks.  In trying to forget we sometimes forget to remember, too.   Hazards of the journey, I guess.  I need to rediscover this guy I was that she is talking about.  I think he got lost along the way somehow.
Anyway – this couldn’t have been more needed today.  I hope she doesn’t mind the repost here.

(Written a year ago today when I was a blogging queen. It was a turning point for me in many ways. So that perosn you meet on the web, just may make a mark..If you look and listen) 


We write here in these blogging, journal, electronic page thingys to clear our minds, share our words and for some, nothing better to do. I fall into category #1. Personally, I could give two hoots if anyone reads my words. Honest. 

I have been writing in journals since my Mom dragged me to get braces on my teeth. Dad bought me a nice leather journal and ink pen set as a sort of make-up gift. Sorry I was born with straight teeth, but thumb sucking turned them into rabbit teeth. Ok, I am way off track here. Anyway, I think where I was headed was through blogging here I have read some spectacular poems, funny as hell stories, tales of bravery and some stories that have left me weak with sorrow. 

Today (no names) I read the post of a young man with AIDS. First of all, he is one helluva writer. I can so see him being published in Rolling Stone. I’m sure he would interview the hell out of John Mayer(we remember that fiasco, right?) What has resonated with me about him is his brutal honesty, straight forward thinking and I will not give up attitude. Not the Hallmark, “Everything is coming up roses” attitude. No, it’s the “Fuck you, I’m here to stay and learn” attitude. 

This man will do fine. Yes, he may have a few detours. Hell, healthy people have them as well. It’s his attitude. Pure, uncluttered, funkadelic, fresh, in your eye, I’m here, ain’t leaving charm that will make his days ahead full of joy. He will impact lives.

He already has. He has made me snap out of a funk over a certain situation that has had my mind preoccupied.I realized, Dammit, I am here to give and teach. You wanna learn, fine. I got the time and the know how. If not, moving on down the line. Only smiles from here on out.And that is it for today..Whew!!

(Thank you MC)


3 Responses to “Okay, okay… I’m awake.”

  1. Lovkyně June 7, 2011 at 12:00 pm #

    She described you well, I think. I like the picture, too. Yours or hers? I took a lot of shadow pictures back in my day. The way she described blogging is what it used to seem like to me. Wish it still felt like that. Anyway, thanks for being one of those people that makes being her worthwhile for many of us. ^_^

  2. Ms. A June 7, 2011 at 12:04 pm #

    There you go, Micael. That should tell you something.


  3. becca June 7, 2011 at 8:07 pm #

    hugs what a great repost and she was correct in all she said you are wonderful.

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