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Blessings and Burnings

31 May
This morning, I woke up.  In my own room.  With Winston at my side and all my crap around me.  I still smell like smoke.  The house smells like smoke.  The house, however, doesn’t smell nearly as much like smoke as the ones down the way.  Where did they wake up?  They have no bed, now  – no crap to surround them.  No simple comforts like my noisy as all hell fan and Winston’s annoyance because I flop around too much.  I just can’t wrap my head around it.
I touched on this on FB last night, and what really strikes me is yesterday was one of my good days.  I usually am unable to do much more than lay around – and almost always in my PJs.  I don’t usually get around unless we are going somewhere.  For whatever reason yesterday I was not only around, I was dressed – jeans, sneakers, TEETH even.  And I was mobile.  I was up and about.  I didn’t think twice about trying to help.  Carry water.  Hand out rags.  Grab a hose and start soaking the neighbors’ place – and our own there toward the end of the ordeal.  Most days I do well to be out of bed for any extended period of time.  Yesterday it came from somewhere.
I was so blessed to be able.  Even in such a small capacity.  I was able to do something.  And I am so grateful.

I don’t understand tragedies like these. I don’t know that I buy that there’s a reason bullshit.  I can’t fathom the reason for 9 people now being homeless.  Homes and lives lost.  I just can’t find the reasoning.  Fuck.  That.

Anyway – Red Cross is helping out here locally.  I have a friend up in Illinois that has offered to send clothes.  If anyone would like to help, please let me know.  I figure they could use gift cards for groceries or Walmart (maybe for new clothes and strollers and car seats?).  I don’t know.  But let me know if you would like to help. No one is open yet for me to call around, but in another 45 minutes they should be.
If you have ideas, let me know as well.  There’s just got to be something we can do.