O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!

28 May
I have a friend who is just beginning to make friends with her artist self.  She goes through these little bouts of not-good-enough  and what-if-I-can’t – and I keep telling her to be a sneaker and just do it.
I have convinced her to join up with the 30 Days of Creativity that I am taking part of next month – and she finally went out and bought herself some supplies.  Crayons as we call them.  (EVERYthing is crayons, by the way.  No matter what it is.  Supplies = Crayons).
My comment on her blog today (because I think that highly of myself this morning) is one that I think many people might need.  I told her this:

And the thing you keep forgetting – that I keep telling you in a hundred ways – there is no such thing as a REAL artist – or a FAKE artist. You are an artist because you ARE.

Period. There are no varying degrees.

You create.

You are.


(and shut up and scribble, damn it!!!)

And that goes double for you!