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>Decisions decisions

30 Apr

>I just got this great canvas messenger bag yesterday.  It’s perfect for sketch books and journals and paint and pens and all this other crap I load in there and never go anywhere with (because I never go anywhere).

Isn’t it just rubbing it’s nipples to be painted ON, though?  I just can’t decide what to put on it.  It’s not like I can erase it if I don’t like it.  Feathers maybe.  I am obsessed with feathers – and trees – lately.  Maybe I will try the Inktense on it and see what happens.  I guess I can always just paint over it (like I do everything else) if I don’t like it.

Oh – and just so you know:  Saran Wrap is the work of the devil.  Satan Wrap it is.  Horrid wretched crotch slurpin’ pure ass evil.  You’re welcome.