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>Okay – whoever stole it can put it back…

31 Mar


Once upon a time, I had a blog.  It was a rather entertaining blog.  No one knew what the fuck was going to come flying out of my ass and splat on the wall.  It was colourful.  It was – as one might say – a hot tranny mess. Then somewhere along the lines, someone snuck in and stole my mother fuckin’ panties and it all went to blah.
I’d really like to get my shit back, if you don’t mind.  I realize ball sweat and pantyhose is not exactly L’Air du Temps, but y’all didn’t seem to mind.
I’m on a mission.  It’s time to kick a granny.  Punch a toddler.  Punt a cunt.
The Journey got me here.  Y’all came along for the ride.  Now we look like a bunch of sad (nut)sacks sittin’ on the Jersey Turnpike hopin’ Snookie will waddle by with Cheeto crust in her wake like Fairy Dust at a Fag Farm so we can point and laugh…
Let’s start hollerin’ again.  What say you?

Can I get a “Yes, Bitch!” ???