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>I want to smash the faces of those beautiful boys. (or simply put, FUCK YOU.)

26 Jan

>Thank you for the words of support yesterday.  While I would like to say that shit like that doesn’t bother me, after a while, it does.  Comments like that one posted yesterday are becoming more and more prolific of late. I am not really quite certain why, other than to think that perhaps because I am on the right path, the potholes grow deeper and the speedbumps more frequent.  I really don’t know.

I do know, however, that I am in a good place and I will not let this person – or persons – take that from me.  It is mine.  And I am not in the mood to fucking share.  So Mr. and or Mrs. Anonymous, you can suck the shit out of my ass for all I care.  You are, obviously, a small and terribly unhappy person to go out into the world and try to bring down someone who is doing their fucking best to better the world that they live in.  You obviously haven’t anything of worth to contribute to your petty existence.  And I, for one, will take none of that from you.  I am sorry you are so unhappy.  I am sorry you haven’t anyone to buy you crayons.  I am sorry you find yourself of so little worth that you are unable to even own up to who you are and make yourself known whilst defecating on the positive vibes of others.  I am not mad or upset.  I pity you.  It’s a pathetic life you must be living is this is what you are sending out into the universe.  Just a small reminder though, what you give out, you receive.  I hope you are prepared for that when the world in which you crap spreads it’s pimple and pock marked ass cheeks and floods your head with a shit worthy of a Taco Bell bathroom.  It’s all yours, sweetheart.  You earned it.  Take a big whiff.

With that said, I am taking a break here for a bit.  I have other pressing matters that I value more than this blog at the moment.  I have been struggling with this decision for several weeks now.  It’s time to pause.

Again, thank you for your support.  All of you.

And Anonymous, you’ll have to find some other yard to shit in.  Anon comments are no longer available here.

Take care, y’all.  I’ll be back.