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>As Good as it Gets

31 Oct


I actually got out of the house yesterday to go somewhere other than the doctor’s office. 
Okay – are you back in your seat now after falling out in shock?
My aunt came to visit yesterday – whom I have not seen in YEARS.  We really need to make that less of a habit.  She came in yesterday morning and brought food – so you know my day began well.  Anytime there is food around, I am happy.  We hung out at the house a bit catching up, the usual this and that.  And mom decided that we should go into town to one of my absolute favourite junque shops.  I hadn’t been in years.  I was hestitant to go as I already felt pretty shitty, but I figured what the hell.  Stay home and feel shitty or go out and do something whilst feeling shitty.  So armed with pain pills, away we went.  The store was much less than it had been in the past.  We usually could spend at least an hour plus there but we made it in and out in less than an hour.  It was entertaining, however, to see my mother try on every ol’ southern Kentucky derby hat in the place. She has a love for those hats and a more elegant time.  But we left empty handed with a lot of wants but don’t really needs.  
At this point, I honestly could have called it a day and come home to bed.   But then I was tempted with the other antique place on the edge of town.  I was still moving so I figured, fuck it – let’s roll.  Am so glad I did.  Though now with non-collectors collecting and antiquing being on trend, prices have skyrocketed from when we first began going to this place, it was still nice to browse.  I found one booth with TONS of elephant items which I would have loved to have taken all home, but I passed them up.  There was this one hand carved soapstone box though from Kenya in the shape of an elephant that I really, really wanted.  But with finances what they are, I walked away.  Mom got something for my little sister for Xmas and Aunt Janice found a butter dish she liked.  I was happy just to have been there.  Was a good time.  There was a tribe of yoo-hoos in there though that I – and Aunt Janice, I suspect – would have loved to have punched in the throat.  Yabbering far too loudly for public.  Carrying on and acting an ass.  But thank the heavens for sending us a (real, live) snake that scared the nonsense (because they hadn’t any other kind of sense) out of them and they fled to other parts of the mall.  Thank you thank you.
We cut back through town to visit an old haunt of mine where I used to get my sage and incenses and the like – only to discover they had cut the fucking store in HALF.  It used to be two nifty little stores combined with all the crap you would never need in there.  No longer.  The jewelry counter is reduced to a fourth of what it once was – with all of about nothing in it.  The wind chime room is gone and is now a place to almost purchase skateboards or some such shit.  The whole place was pretty bare.  I did find my sage though and some tremendous patchouli oil to wear and a Guatemalan woven credit card wallet that I love.  It much more suits my hippie aesthetic than my previous royal purple and electric green faux crocodile pocketbook that I was sporting.  Disappointed at what has become of the store but still glad we went.  Times change, I guess.
Went to eat at a local sandwich shop and headed home.  It was such a nice visit and so unusual for me to be out – and in the company of someone “new.”  I really enjoyed it.  Hopefully so much time will not pass before I see my aunt again – and I really need to reconnect with my cousins as well.  I haven’t seen them since we were all kiddos.  And they are all married now with kiddos of their own!
Just before Aunt Janice left I had come back into my bedroom and sitting beside my TV is that stone elephant box.  I guess while I had gone outside to wait for them to check out, mom went back and got it for me.  So I ended up with it after all.  And it fits in absolutely perfectly with my other elephants (and Buddhas).  Great end to a great day.
This seems such an uncharacteristic post from me.  I am a little doped up and more than a lot worn out.  But happy with it all and I thought you might enjoy reveling in the unusualality of my day.  Out and about twice in less than a week!  What is the world coming to???
I hope everyone has a fantastic Halloween in whatever capacity you celebrate it.  This year has been such a journey in and of itself for me.  I am really curious to see what the next one holds.
Blessings and such to all of you.

(Now let me go see if I can catch up on all the blogs I missed yesterday!  You people sure do talk a lot!!!)