What’s that Smell? (or No One’s Buyin’)

18 Jul
People just kill me.  I have a friend who I used to see quite often before I went into the hospital.  I think I have seen him once since then.  During the course of my hospital visit he’s since moved from our once mutual stomping grounds.  Now mind you, it’s only been since the first of June…  But my golly if he hasn’t just had a complete turn around since I saw him last.  When I knew him when, he could barely wipe his own ass or manage his money well enough to live on Ramen, pay his bills, and keep a roof over his head – and now, to hear him tell it, he’s buying a new car, has started college, opened his own business, has lost all this weight, got a promotion, and heavens knows what else…  And all this in less than two months!!!  
I’ve been sitting here thinking about the pathology of liars.  Why do they do it?  Especially to those who know they are full of it.  I mean, sure, we all gloss up our own well-being and add a little spit shine to the Pinto – but to just all out make shit up out of the blue and at random that no one is going to believe anyway?  As if, given your track record, people don’t already know the truth.  I mean, c’mon, your lips are moving…  I can’t decide if it’s hilarious (though we have had a good laugh about it all) or just pathetic…  I think more of the latter.  It’s really sad that one’s life is such that they have try and convince others how wonderful it is(n’t).  Or maybe it’s more for themselves.  They create this total fantasy bullshit to believe in to keep from swinging from the rafters by a pair of pantyhose…  I dunno.  It’s good for a giggle or a guffaw and a finger pointing – but then when you really think about it, it’s like a three-legged dog with no home.  It’s funny to see it hop around on the side of the road but then in the same breath it breaks your heart to see how broken it is. 
Broken.  Busted.  And full of shit.  People kill me.
Rambling…  Going.

4 Responses to “What’s that Smell? (or No One’s Buyin’)”

  1. Lynne July 18, 2010 at 3:46 pm #

    I'll stick with being the honest, half-broken down pinto vs a hot-air balloon any day..you are a better person than me..my southern roots wil have me calling him to explain in detail every new detail just so I can run him in a circle and by the time I'm done..Hell, he has no idea what the heck he is?..LOL..Try it Warrior Man.. Do a who's on first routine with Mr. Wind Bag…

  2. Kate July 18, 2010 at 4:24 pm #

    Flipping right. I hate when people lie. It's bad enough bragging about what you've got. (Though some may disagree with me on this point, I'm all for a bit of good old fashioned modesty.) But when people start bragging about some made up shit – Do they honestly think people believe them? It's quite an insult… Totally wish my thoughts would magically mould into the right words but it never happens like that.

    Kate x

  3. Marlene July 18, 2010 at 8:57 pm #

    Pathological liars are the worst. I've known a few in my life time….sadly.

  4. Kaylen July 18, 2010 at 11:19 pm #

    One of my family members is frequently full of hot air. I just don't get it. It certainly isn't helpful to the person they are talking to and it just makes them look the fool.

    I would like to say I hope you are feeling better, but to be more real and more realistic – I will wish you a good day tomorrow. After that, we will have to see….(every day just realistically won't be good!) So I hope tomorrow is an okay day, maybe even really good!

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