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In the Middle

28 May
[I’ve had this written in my notebook for a while but since I’ve had such computer troubles lately, I’ve been unable to post it.]
The quote itself, “the long journey to the middle,” is from the movie Almost Famous.  For my blog though, I have completely taken it out of context.
When I first heard the phrase it really resonated with me me.  So many people spend their lives reveling in the past – be it trying to relive their Glory Days or by lamenting over all the perceived wrongs and injustices they feel they have endured.  Inversely, others concentrate solely on the future and what’s yet to occur.  In either case, they are not really living the life in front of them:  The Middle.
With all that has gone on in my world, I am trying to make a conscious to live My Middle.  I can’t go back.  What’s done is done.  Tomorrow is going to come (or not) no matter how much we do or don’t want it.  So why not, instead, make the most of The Middle?  The Here.  The Now.  
It is a long journey.  It’s easier to look back.  It’s easier to fantasize about the future…  Both can be healthy and necessary.  But what are you missing today?  Our Middles.