I’m back… (Hopefully)

28 May
After two weeks of some of the most creative curse words you have ever heard and a whole lotta Geekery, I think I have fixed this damned PC.  It seems to be working again for now, anyway.  I try not to be too mean to him.  He was refurbished when I got him back in 2000 – so he’s done what he came to do and I am sure he is tired and just wants to die.  But that is not an option just yet.
So anyway, I should be around more.  I miss being able to comment on your posts, but I have been keeping up as best I was able in reading them.
Hope this finds you all well.

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  1. Penny June 1, 2010 at 9:12 am #

    Those look exactly like my glasses 🙂

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