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What goes down…

20 Apr
…is barfed back up.  Yippee.
My spirits have tanked.  Hard.  I have no faith or hope in my move back home at the moment.  I am at the Fuck It & Give Up point.  Finances are not where they should be.  Having a hell  of a time house shopping from such a long distance.  I need work.  I need money.  I need…  I need…  I need.
But fuck a bunch of that.  I am tired of hearing about myself.  As I am sure y’all are too.  So, thanks to Toni ‘s comment on an earlier post, I offer you even more useless – but utterly fascinating – information.
“Like most birds, owls can’t chew their food; they often swallow their prey whole. But they’re different from most birds because they don’t have a crop (the organ used to store food after it has been swallowed so that it can be digested later). In owls, food goes right from the mouth to the gizzard … a sort of stomach that contains digestive fluids and sand that dissolve and grind up food.

But some of the parts of the animals eaten by an owl, like beaks, claws, fur and bones, can’t be digested. So the owl spits them up! This is what makes an owl pellet.

You can find out what an owl eats by examining these pellets. Most of the indigestible material is still whole, and often a skull can be found, making identification of the animal that was eaten easy.”
Dunno why but I think that’s pretty bad ass.  Eat what you need.  Barf up the rest.  Prophetic?