To Buffer the Bitch

15 Apr
Came across this at Bigezbear and I couldn’t have imagined it better myself.  This is the post in its entirity, but certainly go check out his other writings.  Beautiful.  Well said, my friend.
“Deep Sighs and Cigarettes
I awoke this morning to the low, soft sound of deep sighs and the sight of cigarette smoke slowly spiraling up into the haze hanging high up there below the ceilings of the bedrooms in the City of New Orleans. Treme premiered last night on HBO, and it was good.

Lot of people here were worried. You see, this drunken whore of a city had been pawed and mauled so many times before before being held up high for ridicule that she was hesitant to think that this occasion might be different. That this particular TV-producer man might have a kindness and regard for her she hadn’t gotten much of over the last some years.

He was a slow seducer. That was new. Not flashy nor parading himself all over the city and the news. He was just here or over there, always within sight, watching her, looking at her deep like he could see inside her eyes when she slipped some glances at him from up on her stoop. He intrigued her, but he scared her. Would he be different from the rest?

Last night, he finally knocked on her door and paid her the visit he’d been promising to pay her.

His touch was slow and easy. He rocked and rolled her long and tenderly. Afterwards, he stayed the night. She fell asleep in his arms.” 


2 Responses to “To Buffer the Bitch”

  1. Toni April 15, 2010 at 7:16 pm #

    WOW! This is some good writing.
    PS~ I love the “Nola or Bust” picture 🙂

  2. B-Dub April 15, 2010 at 7:33 pm #

    Holy hell! Just caught up on all your super fab blogs I have missed out on! I promise never to stay away this long again, really I do!

    I love your rants and raves and apparently you like loud mouth NY'ers as much as I do. Bitches.

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